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Assignment 2.1

Focus on front f-1.2.jpg
Focus on front f-8.0.jpg
Focus on front f-16.jpg
Focus on middle f-1.2.jpg
Focus on middle f-8.0.jpg
Focus on middle f-16.jpg
Focus on far f-1.2.jpg
Focus on far f-8.0.jpg
Focus on far f-16.jpg

Reflection: I liked all three photos that had a 1.2 f stop and narrow depth of field. I liked how the contrast between the in-focus and out-of-focus bird nests made one pay attention to the details. There is also something beautiful about blur!

Assignment 2.2

Subject with background f-1.2.jpg
Subject with background f-1.8.jpg
Subject with background f-2.2.jpg

Reflection: Once again, I liked the narrowest depth of field. My subject was such a bright spot of sun and I thought it was most dramatic when it was isolated from the rest of the photo.

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