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Assignment 8 • Still Lifes


Reflection: This assignment was my ode to the sun. Daylight savings having just thrown us into darkness, it was lovely to stand in the rays and use only natural sunlight for this shoot. I am interested in nature photography, and not so interested in buying a lot of lighting equipment, so the use of daylight here felt like a nice little go-around where I could get back to what I love while also exploring still lifes. I had a fun time playing with depth of field, exploring diffused vs. direct light, and observing the quality of light throughout the day. The last photo was taken in that golden evening light, and you can tell how different it is than the white light of earlier. Of course, just when the light became sublime, that was the moment my card filled up, my hard drive crashed, and I had to go spend the rest of the evening screaming at computers. Yes!

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