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Assignment 7 • Discovering Light

Reflection: This assignment had me tearing apart my house. I managed not to buy anything (with one exception, more on that later). Instead, I had every lamp I own in one room. I was wading through a sea of lampshades, sheets, tissue paper, duct tape, and extension cords. Plus my assistant was a three-year-old, which didn't make things neater. Despite the homemade lighting gear, I felt the shoot went relatively well. The only results I really liked were the low key, high key, and diffused-light photos. All the one-directional light somehow felt both dim and harsh, at the same time. I was unable to get a decent "light painting" photo. I didn't have a light source that was concentrated enough, and yes, I did try duct-taping a kazoo to the front of a flashlight. I have ordered the recommended flashlight from Amazon (my one purchase). When it arrives I will attempt light painting again. I also struggled to understand the white balance settings on my camera. I wasn't sure that I successfully set my white balance. I need to do more internet research on that subject. Speaking of white balance, it's obvious that my diffused light photo is very red. However, this is because the only tissue paper I had on hand was pink! That reddish hue was the actual color of the room. I kind of like it. Overall, it was pretty amazing to see what you can create with a jumble of materials from around the house. It shows how powerful light design can be. Update: I have now completed the light painting photo, and I am happy with the result. I also notice how the lower ISO has an impact. In fact, I think this late addition turned out to be the cream of the crop!

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