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Assignment 6 • Channel your inner Eggleston

Reflection: This assignment definitely got me out of my comfort zone. I usually photograph nature or people. I often find myself editing out anything manmade, as much as possible. This time, although I was surrounded by a profusion of glorious autumnal nature, I tried to put manmade things inside the frame whenever I could. I photographed things I would never have considered photographing before, like the bulldozer, old mattresses, and junk piles, and I loved it! It expanded my aesthetic boundaries. It was, however, a really beautiful fall day in a rural area, and there was a lot of natural beauty around that I couldn't avoid. I kept laughing because everything was so beautiful, and Eggleston seemed to never photograph conventional beauty. I also had to use a longer lens than was recommended, since I only have a 90mm, which made the photos less Eggleston-esque. The other challenge I faced was the incredibly bright sunlight, and in retrospect I should have used a lower ISO. But I enjoyed the shoot and many of the photos are an interesting departure for me.

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