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Assignment 5 • Composition

Reflection: This assignment really threw me for a loop! "Viewpoint" was getting me to do some interesting things, but the "rule of thirds" was messing with my mind. Every time I would go to take a photo, I would rethink it, and think about the rule of thirds. I would change the framing and go against my first instinct, and I was just coming up with the weirdest photos. Nothing was working. Eventually, I had to let myself go out and just shoot normally without overthinking. Then when I came back and analyzed my photos, that is when the nine compositional theories began to help me in selecting the best ones. I also fell over a boulder and skinned my elbow while walking backwards to get a better "frame within a frame." So there you go: I bled for this assignment! But it was a pleasure to be photographing when the fall colors were at their peak.

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