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Assignment 4 • The Art of Seeing

Reflection: I did this assignment at a lakeside, in mid-morning, with a light rain falling. There turned out to be far more material in one little area than I thought there would be; I could have turned around and taken ten more photos of foliage, Adirondack chairs, and boats. That being said, photos 1 and 6 were probably too similar. For the feather, I wish I had had a better angle, but since I didn't I should have increased my F stop so that the whole feather was in focus. With the maple leaves the blur was intentional. My favorite photo was photo 10, the tree reflected in the water, because this image was completely invisible to the naked eye! Without looking through the camera, all that was visible in this view was the sand underneath the water. However, when I messed around with the manual focus these amazing leaves came into view that were totally invisible without looking through the camera. It was a bit of magic: the camera providing one last hidden image in the scene.

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